Singita Kwitonda Lodge, Rwanda

Milton Group were appointed as the developers for this 6-star lodge and land rehabilitation program that is part of a national initiative to grow sustainable tourism in Rwanda and celebrate its natural and cultural assets.

The Volcanoes National Park is situated in the northwest of Rwanda and is best-known as the natural habitat for the critically endangered mountain gorilla. Over time, habitat encroachment as a result of the growing human population and political instability, has pushed this species to a precarious state. At the personal invitation of His Excellency Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda, The Kwitonda Lodge is part of a national vision to attract sustainable tourism investment to partner in reversing this trends. It heralds a new chapter in this extraordinary country; one that tells a story of resilience and celebrates its natural and cultural diversity.

Through the reputation of the investment and development team behind the award winning Singita hospitality brand, the project was offered the unique position as the only operation permitted within the 800m buffer zone surrounding the national park. The project will serve as a benchmark for responsible tourism within this zone, partnering with the national park authorities and the local community and actively working to increase gorilla habitat through an ambitious reforestation program.

Milton Group acted as the investment advisors and developers for the project, supporting the ownership group from project inception and feasibility through to design and construction management and, finally, the lodge opening. We are very proud to be part of Rwanda’s next chapter.

Photos courtesy Singita

Natural & Social Capital Outcomes

Built environment
  • 8 key lodge / 6,000m2
  • Private 4-bedroom villa / 1,600m2
  • 43% energy saving through a digital building thermal modelling process
  • 90% of wastewater treated for reuse in permanent plant nursery
  • 100% FSC timber
  • 3,000m2 of green roofs
  • 850,000 handmade local bricks
Natural Capital
  • Land rehabilitation program restored agricultural land back to original hydrological functions including 7 streams and watercourses
  • 250,000 indigenous tree and shrub species planted in the reforestation of first 76Ha of land.
  • A further 134Ha planned to be rehabilitated over the next 5 to 10 years
Social Capital
  • 90% of construction workforce locally employed
  • 600 construction workers received sustainability training using the One Planet framework
  • 70% of materials were sourced locally
  • $2 million spent directly in the local community