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Our founder Paul Milton, has welcomed ‘Sirkon’ home – one of the inspirational pieces that made up the @tusk_org Lion Trail last year. This majestic sculpture, created by Paul Onditi, reflects the growing impact and challenge of the human wildlife conflict faced by communities living alongside national parks. Funds raised across the auctions were donated to @africanccf and @tusk_org, to support their incredible work protecting species and empowering communities across Africa.

We were pleased to see “Invest in our planet” is this year’s Earth Day theme – encouraging individuals, businesses and governments to invest in technologies and practices that can benefit the Earth.

Our experiences over the past 25 years have shown that an integral part of ensuring the long-term resilience of our projects is through the adoption of Natural and Social Capital methodologies to measure impact. Through the use of technology and data, we hold the ability to measure these outcomes, which is integral to our collective responsibility to effect change.

A previous issue of the The Difference explores a variety of outcomes achieved by our various partners and collaborators. Follow the link in our bio to read Vol. 2. We hope this will inspire and serve as a model for further innovative development programs. 

Photo: Kurhula Farm, Karingani Game Reserve

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In 2001, Dr. Anton Rupert established the @sacollegefortourism (SACT) under the auspices of the Peace Parks Foundation with the purpose of providing education and training to economically empower young women living in rural communities in southern Africa. 

As part of Vol. 4 of The Difference, we invited Caroline Rupert, a member of the board of directors for Peace Parks, and Mariette Ferreira, the Executive Director at SACT, to discuss the history of the college and the impact the program has had on women’s employment since its inception.

We are delighted to work closely with @peaceparks Foundation on matters of African conservation and thought leadership. 

Follow the link in our bio to read the article on pages 66 - 75 of Vol 4.

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Jim Tinson, CEO and fellow board member at @harthowerton, alongside our Founder, Paul Milton, and Hart Howerton Managing Principal, Tim McCarthy, discuss the impact of sustainable design in the 21st century with a global focus on wellness, in January’s issue of The Difference. 

We are delighted to have two key industry thought leaders share the importance of sustainable design and the impact they are making on the built environment. 

Follow the link in our bio to read the article on pages 56 - 65 of Vol 4.
As the eyes of the world are on @cop26uk, @afterthepandemic are hosting a cultural fringe event in Glasgow, so that everyone can take part in the climate conversation and drive positive global change at a local level. have arranged a panel discussion with some of the world’s leading experts and scientists, including Professor Sir David King, Professor Kevin Anderson and Dr Alice Hill, to discuss the climate crisis and the urgent need to act now.

The panel discussion will take place on the 8th November, less than a mile from the official @cop26uk venue. 

Follow the link in our bio for details on how to stream the event. 🌍 

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The Build Better Now exhibition demonstrates an aspirational yet achievable vision for the future – a built environment that we can relate to, and a future where we are part of the solution.

As the developers, investor representatives and master planners of @singita_ Kwitonda Lodge, Rwanda, we were delighted that it has been included in the selection of 17 sustainable projects from around the world, to be featured in @buildbetter_now at @cop26uk, over the duration of the conference.

Explore the virtual exhibition by following the link in our bio.

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Image by @buildbetter_now.
The unprecedented and extreme climate events in the past few months signal that we have entered a new phase in climate change with collapse of earth systems, meaning that reducing carbon emissions is no longer enough…

Whatever happens at #COP26 we need to #AdaptNow. 

Please share this video with others, to help inspire a movement of change. Together we can tackle the climate crisis head-on. 🌍 

Produced by in partnership with @climategenn

The built environment has a central role to play in supporting the world’s transition to a net zero carbon economy. Globally, buildings consume over a third of energy produced and are responsible for 38% of carbon emissions. Build Better Now is a virtual exhibition and series of events highlighting the most sustainable building projects from around the world, raising awareness and offering practical solutions for tackling the climate crisis.
As the developers, investor representatives and master planners of @singita_ Kwitonda Lodge, Rwanda, we were pleased that it has been included in the selection of 17 sustainable projects from around the world, to be featured in @buildbetter_now at @cop26uk over the next two weeks.

Our partnership with the Rwanda Development Board was created to help attract sustainable nature-based tourism investment into Rwanda, so we’re therefore delighted that this project has been honoured. 

To see the virtual exhibition, follow the link in our bio.
Today, on #WorldGorillaDay, we’re celebrating the positive impact that @singita_ Kwitonda Lodge, is having on securing the future recovery of the endangered mountain gorilla. 

Over time, habitat encroachment as a result of the growing human population and political instability, has pushed this species to a precarious state – with just over 1,000 surviving in at-risk natural habitats.

Singita Kwitonda Lodge has been part of a national vision driven by the Rwanda Development Board to attract sustainable tourism investment to reverse this trend. Developed by Milton Group at the invite of the President of Rwanda, this 178 acre site continues to be reforested as part of an initiative to expand the habitat for the gorilla populations in the National Park.

Link in our bio for more information about this project. 

@ngarra_places is launching an innovative conservation estate in Australia, located on Flinders Island in the crystal-clear waters of the Bass Strait. 

As part of Vol. 3 of The Difference, Tom Palmer shares the vision for the project, and how the pandemic is shaping a new market for real estate with purpose, and attracting a new wave of forward-thinking environmental custodians.

Head to the link in our bio to read the full article on pages 22 - 27.

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We are delighted to work closely with @tusk_org on matters of African conservation and thought leadership. Tusk's track record of marking a difference motivated us to invite Charlie Mayhew to share his story in Volume 3 of The Difference.

Follow the link in our bio to read the full interview, on pages 6 - 11.

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Fine art photographer, David Yarrow, created these majestic sculptures alongside some key contributors, to be featured on the Tusk Lion Trail this month. @davidyarrow partnered with the Kevin Richardson Foundation to create one of two lions. The second sculpture was sponsored by Genesis Imaging, who delicately wrapped both pieces with David Yarrow’s iconic lion photographs. Artist, Eliot Haigh, painted the wonderfully detailed faces on the lions.

You can catch a glimpse of these life-sized lions, which are now on display as part of the Tusk Lion Trail, organised by @africanccf and @tusk_org. The sculpture made in partnership with the Kevin Richardson Foundation will be on display in St. James’s square, Edinburgh, and the Genesis Imaging sponsored lion sculpture will be on display in The Royal Exchange, London.

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Last week, Paul Milton spoke on a panel as part of the Credit Suisse Sustainability Week, alongside Avril Benchimol, Senior Finance Specialist at Global Environment Facility, and Professor E.J. Milner-Gullland, Tasso Leventis Professor of Biodiversity at Oxford University.

The panel, hosted by Oliver Withers, discussed how we can solve the biodiversity funding gap and work to deploy capital in this critical sector. Each speaker was asked questions touching on interventions and solutions that are delivering impact – based on their own personal experiences within their field.

A huge thanks to Credit Suisse for their thought leadership and for opening up a conversation about the importance of private sector investment for Africa’s biodiversity crisis and tourism markets, at this pivotal point in time.

Today on World Oceans Day, we are looking back on our conversation with Dr. Andrea Marshall, the first person in the world to complete a PhD on manta rays, and the founder of the @marinemegafauna Foundation. 

Andrea spearheads the conservation of manta rays both in Mozambique and around the world. For our first issue of The Difference, we were lucky enough to interview Dr Andrea Marshall about her efforts to protect these threatened rays.

Link in bio for the full interview, on pages 24 - 27. 

Photo by Dr Andrea Marshall. 

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Social Media Collaborations

David Yarrow

David Yarrow Photography is aligned with the Milton Group in our purpose to support Rwanda, through addressing conservation threats by attracting sustainable tourism investment. In August 2020 we embarked on a social media collaboration to illustrate this aligned purpose.