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Over recent years the climate crisis narrative has taken a worryingly debasing turn, placing too much emphasis on the individual as an autonomous agent of change.

Dr Emma Williams, of OnePlanet, tells us why she was relieved to see this year’s Earth Day theme being centred around togetherness.

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Photo by Qingbao Meng. 

Wishing everyone a very happy Christmas from all of us at the Milton Group.

We are delighted to be sharing the fresh new look of our website, with the latest video content, client projects and collaborations. 

Follow the link in bio to see for yourself. We hope you like it. 


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Due to the economic effects of the pandemic, the African wildlife are even more endangered than they were before. Not only the animals, but their human protectors who safeguard them, are also at risk.

It is critical that we do our part to support the front line protectors in Africa, risking their lives for wildlife conservation. 

Link in bio to tune in to the @endangrdrangrs virtual fundraiser today, and show your support by donating to this hugely important cause.

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While most of the world has slowed down due to pandemic, wildlife poaching has exponentially increased. The peacekeepers and protectors working on the frontline in Africa need our help more than ever.

You can help by tuning into Endangered Rangers, a virtual fundraiser taking place this Sunday, December 13, and donating to help the rangers. 

Join us in supporting @endangrdrangrs this weekend. Link in bio for more details. 

Photo by Scott Ramsay. 

#EndangeredRangers #MiltonGroup #HelpTheRangersSaveTheAnimals #conservation #wildlifeconservation #supportrangers
Endangered Rangers is a fundraiser taking place this Sunday, December 13, to benefit the men and women on the front lines of wildlife conservation in Africa. The pandemic is costing wildlife rangers their jobs while poaching is on the rise. Ensuring their safety and security means ensuring that of endangered species as well. 

The event will provide immediate economic and technology support to two game-changing organizations with innovative, scalable, and effective anti-poaching initiatives to help the rangers. 
Milton Group are proud to be supporters of @endangrdrangrs cause, and hope to 'see' you there. 
#EndangeredRangers #MiltonGroup #HelpTheRangersSaveTheAnimals
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We would like to thank Clare Akamanzi, Charlie Mayhew MBE, Tom Lalampaa and Richard Meredith for agreeing to participate in our upcoming webinar with @urbanlandinstitute. They will be speaking on a panel, alongside Paul Milton, our founder. The panel discussion will focus on natural and social capital investing in Africa and the opportunity that this opens up for leadership, impact and returns. 

@urbanlandinstitute aims to provide leadership in the responsible use of land and in creating and sustaining thriving communities worldwide.

Nowhere has the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic been more severe than in rural Africa. Local economies have collapsed, leaving unsupported communities reliant on their environment for sustenance. However, it does not need to be like this. 

Our panel will be offering perspectives based on their own experiences of growing long-term value from the areas of the communities, wildlife, government, managers and investors they represent. 

A special thanks to Alex Rhodes from @mishcon_de_reya for agreeing to moderate the panel, and to @davidyarrow, for the bespoke introduction to Africa’s natural capital, taking us on a journey through his camera lens to see what few others ever have.

Head over to the blog where we are exploring the successes and failures of tourism development in the Sea of Cortez. 

Focusing on the important lessons for other countries and regions who are looking to attract the market, and are at the beginning of their tourism trajectory. 

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A huge congratulations to the @karinganimozambique team of rangers for taking part in the #WildlifeRangerChallenge which involved running 21km in full uniform and kit to raise money for thousands of rangers who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic this year.

They finished in an incredible 3 hours and 4 minutes!

Link in bio to sponsor the team and their amazing effort. 
We are proud to be partners with Visit Rwanda and celebrate the amazing work of the Volcanoes National Park in securing the future of the Lowland Mountain Gorilla. #WorldGorrillaDay. #MiltonGroup
This summer @davidyarrow launched "In Focus", a stunning journal with photography and film at its genesis, and collaboration and philanthropy as its backbone. One of the shoots featured in the first issue was shot at Singita Kwitonda Lodge in Rwanda, a project that @milton_group was appointed to develop, to lead the rehabilitation and reforestation of the damaged agricultural land holding. 

@davidyarrow is aligned with @milton_group in his purpose to support Rwanda in addressing conservation threats by attracting sustainable tourism investment. So we felt it was fitting to embark on a collaboration to provide further context around this project and the incredible cause that the In Focus journal supports. 

Head over to the @davidyarrow account to see our collaborative Instagram Story, giving you an inside look at the @singita_ project in Rwanda.

Social Media Collaborations

David Yarrow

David Yarrow Photography is aligned with the Milton Group in our purpose to support Rwanda, through addressing conservation threats by attracting sustainable tourism investment. In August 2020 we embarked on a social media collaboration to illustrate this aligned purpose.