Adapt & Regenerate

By miltongroup, November 12, 2021

As the eyes of the world were on COP26, After The Pandemic organised a cultural fringe event in Glasgow, extending

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Credit Suisse Sustainability Week

By miltongroup, July 30, 2021

Credit Suisse Sustainability Week was a five-day event of inspiring panel discussions with entrepreneurs, business leaders, investors and industry experts

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A key part of World Bee Day’s purpose is “to raise awareness of the importance of bees and beekeeping”[1]. The

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In Conversation with Brady Forseth, ACCF

By miltongroup, May 13, 2021

For more than 28 years, Brady has specialized in delivering transformational, long-standing impact on people’s lives in nearly 80 different

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By miltongroup, April 22, 2021

Emma is a senior member of the OnePlanet management team handling client service. Her role focuses on using the platform

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OnePlanet: Insights from the Founder

By miltongroup, November 2, 2020

Pooran has worked in sustainability for over two decades. He co-founded the environmental organisation Bioregional in 1994, setting up enterprises

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The Gulf of California- or the Sea of Cortez- is principally known for its incredible marine life. Part of the

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On Monday, Paul Milton, our Founder, spoke on a panel hosted by QP Management, a Malta-based firm that specializes in

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The Moroccan Opportunity

By miltongroup, September 16, 2020

Morocco’s undoubtable natural beauty, from the famous Atlas Mountains to the compellingly picturesque coastal scenes, hold within copious amounts of

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The Great Reset: New Reality, New Thinking, New Tools

By miltongroup, September 4, 2020

Pooran Desai OBE, our guest blogger for this week, is the Founder of, a sustainability framework and digital platform

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Nature-based Tourism in Emerging Asia

By miltongroup, August 27, 2020

In an increasingly interconnected world, we are expected to be conscious global citizens who appreciate nuance and resist viewing countries

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Don’t mention the C-word. If you’re like me, you’ve got C-fatigue from reading blog after blog about COVID and the

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How can we make conservation more resilient, sustainable, and investable to counter the impact of post Covid-19 market disruption and

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The Impact of Covid-19 on Global Tourism

By miltongroup, July 12, 2020

Coronavirus has inflicted untold damage on multiple sectors and geographies. With government action oscillating between stimulus and knee-jerk resumption of

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The protection of Africa’s wildlife and wild places has for a long time depended on a model underpinned by tourism.

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Climate Change and Disease

By miltongroup, July 7, 2020

The current global pandemic has caused many to ask questions on climate change, as a parallel crisis in need of

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With all non-essential travel on hold due to lockdown and social distancing measures, the global travel and tourism sector is

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What do you do for work?

By Tom Palmer, April 15, 2020

‘What do you do for work?’ … socially, when you ask someone this, it feels like the most unimaginative question,

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Australian Bushfires & The Tourism Industry

By miltongroup, January 6, 2020

Very sad to learn that Southern Ocean Lodge on Kangaroo Island has been decimated by the fires ripping through our

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Isla Secas, Panama

By miltongroup, October 10, 2019

Back in 2011, we put together a business plan to reposition an existing no frills fishing camp located in Panama’s

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Australia Eastern Indonesia Tourism Forum 2019

By Tom Palmer, April 19, 2019

Last month I attended the Australia Eastern Indonesia Tourism Forum in Makkasar to speak on a panel about impact investment

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