Marine Reserve, Central Mozambique

Milton Group are acting as the investment advisors and development managers for this Public Private Partnership with the Mozambican government to protect 295,000Ha of critical land and marine habitat at the southern tip of the globally important Bazaruto Archipelago.

The 196,000Ha marine protection zone will run 10km out to sea and is home to an exceptional diversity of marine species including iconic marine megafauna such as whale sharks, manta rays, migratory humpback whales, five of the world’s 7 sea turtle species and one of the largest remaining populations of dugongs in the Western Indian Ocean.

The 97,000Ha terrestrial zone is a rich tapestry of habitats from Miombo Woodland, open grasslands, wetlands, coastal dunes and mangrove forests that function as nutrient-rich breeding grounds for the more than 400 fish species that inhabit this stretch of coast.

Supported by a hospitality and real estate development programme, the reserve will implement a holistic approach to environmental, protection, enhancement and social development that includes game re-introductions, habitat regeneration, marine and terrestrial anti-poaching and protection, community partnerships and socio-economic uplift.

Photos courtesy Craig Morrison

Natural & Social Capital Outcomes

Built Environment
  • Branded hospitality development zones
  • Planned, designed, built and operated to world-class sustainability standards
Natural Capital
  • 196,000Ha marine protection zone
  • 97,000Ha terrestrial protection zone
  • Establishment of permanent marine megafauna research station
Social Capital
  • Projected 750 construction jobs
  • Significant construction capital investment into local community
  • Projected >1,000 permanent local jobs
  • Training and skills transfer