One Planet

We are harnessing the power of digital technology to reinvent our relationship with the natural world – where our economy can work hand-in-hand with the processes of the living planet on which we ultimately depend.

Milton Group are investors and founding partners in this state-of-the-art graph-based technology platform, working closely with Bioregional to create open-source sustainability plans that can be shared and collaborated with stakeholders and the wider sustainability community.

The 10 One Planet principles, described opposite, help cities and local government; communities and real estate; companies and organizations; and schools and universities to collaborate on plans which are mutually supportive. When we build Natural and Social Capital at the same time as financial capital, we build true prosperity and abundance.

In November 2021, as the eyes of the world were on COP26, OnePlanet organised a panel discussion at a cultural fringe event in Glasgow, extending an invitation to many to take part in the climate conversation and drive positive global change at a local level. Milton Group were proud co-sponsors of the event, alongside ClimateGENN, CatPrint, The Ecologist, Yes&No and Coins Foundation.

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