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Adapt & Regenerate

By miltongroup, November 12, 2021

As the eyes of the world were on COP26, After The Pandemic organised a cultural fringe event in Glasgow, extending an invitation to many, to take part in the climate conversation and drive positive global change at a local level. On 8th November, OnePlanet premiered their short film ‘Adapt Now!’ at the fringe event, followed by a panel discussion which Milton Group were proud co-sponsors of, alongside ClimateGENN, CatPrint, The Ecologist, Yes&No and Coins Foundation.

World leading experts and scientists; Professor Sir David King, Dr Alice Hill, Professor Kevin Andersen and Jakapita Kandanga sat on the panel, co-hosted by Pooran Desai OBE and journalist Nick Breeze, who seeded the conversation focusing on the need for us to urgently adapt our cities and regions in a way that regenerates the living systems on which we depend.

“I believe we’ve got five years to put in place everything that needs to be done. Frankly if we don’t manage this, we are cooked.”
– Sir David King, Former UK Government Chief Scientific Advisor

The unprecedented and extreme climate events that have occurred over the last six months, signal that we have crossed climate tipping points and entered a new phase in climate change, in which reducing carbon emissions is no longer enough. As global supply chains inevitably become more insecure, we’ll have to make sure that our cities and regions are more self-sufficient in energy, food and water.

“If the leaders are not willing to do what it takes to put the proper things into place that will fight the impacts of climate change, we are going to do it and we are going to show them how it’s supposed to be done.”
– Jakapita Kandanga, Fridays for Future, Namibia

The human race is uniquely successful as a species due to our ability to cooperate, so we must now use this to our advantage, cooperating to create the world we want in a way which regenerates life on Earth.

“There’s a 5% chance we could succeed, and that 5% chance isn’t random, it’s actually a choice. So we can choose to fail, or we can choose to succeed.”
– Professor Kevin Andersen, Former Director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research.



Pooran Desai OBE

Nick Breeze


Professor Sir David King (Former UK Government Chief Scientific Advisor)

Dr Alice Hill (Former White House Special Advisor to President Obama)

Professor Kevin Andersen (Former Director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research)

Jakapita Kandanga (Fridays for Future, Namibia)



Milton Group



The Ecologist

Coins Foundation