Ngarra Limestone Bay, Australia

Milton Group acts as strategic development partners for this Northern Tasmanian project that aims to use a dynamic responsible development and tourism model to support land management and community initiatives in the surrounding region.

Ngarra Limestone Bay will be a privately funded and managed conservation estate, delivering environmental and social impact through a sustainable development model that includes a mix of tourism and real estate assets.

As part of the Ngarra Partnership our Sydney Director, Tom Palmer, is the co-founder and investor. The objective is to adapt our innovative approach to conservation planning and investment to a ‘developed market’ context in the Southern Hemisphere.

The project is currently in the land acquisition and seed financing stage and plans to use the integrated tourism development model to set up and fund the Ngarra Foundation. The foundation hopes to work with the traditional owners of the land to manage the protected areas as a registered Indigenous Protected Area.

Photos courtesy Rob Palmer

Natural & Social Capital Outcomes

Built Environment
  • Boutique hotel
  • Limited number of conservation residences
  • Built and operated to highest level international sustainability standards
Natural Capital
  • 400Ha critical habitat adjacent to more than 9,500Ha of national park
  • Endangered species monitoring and breeding programs
  • Invasive flora and fauna management
Social Capital
  • Opportunity to manage as IPA
  • 250% local tourism related employment uplift
  • 15% regional tourism related employment uplift

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