Our Story

Ahead of Milton Group’s inception in 2009, Paul Milton’s 25-year career spanned 40 countries in international real estate, resort and conservation markets on behalf of governments, global philanthropists, impact investors, national parks and NGOs. During this time, he has owned and operated renowned multidisciplinary development management, design and planning firms that included US-based Hart Howerton, Sherwood Design Engineers, in San Francisco and New York and Broadway Malyan Africa, in Johannesburg.

From a childhood spent in rural Scotland and then living in Africa for 18 years, Paul always retained a close personal connection with the African landscape, its wildlife and its people. From his San Francisco base he was drawn back to the continent by a desire to share his experience in sustainable development and help shape new models for sustainable African tourism.

At the time of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, Paul was working with the Frankfurt Zoological Society in the iconic Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, delivering a new business plan for sustainable tourism. He witnessed firsthand the risks of sole reliance on donor-funded conservation models and saw the need for a new approach; one that underpinned the needs of the environment and community with long term economic sustainability.

Recognising the need to effect change, in 2009 he formed Milton Group, accompanied by Tom Palmer. The purpose was clear…

A new approach to tourism investment built on measurable social and environmental impact.